Stone Clone Resurfacing

Extremely hard, durable, resurfacing solutions for Countertops, Vanities, Tubs, Shower, Tile, and Floors.

What we do

Stone Clone specializes in resurfacing countertops, bathtubs, tiled surfaces and any other hard surfaces in your home. We offer an array of granite-like colors and different finishes for a customized look for any surface. 

Our eco-friendly coating is applied directly onto your existing Kitchen Countertop, Bathroom Vanity, Wall Tiles, Ceramic Floor Tiles, Shower and Surround, or Bathtub.

Our innovative industrial coating is the hardest material on the market. It’s scratch and stain proof, resistant to chips and can endure extreme heat temperatures up to 500F degrees. Any object from a hot oven can be placed directly on the counter and it will not affect the finish!

Our easy to clean surface completely covers chips, burns and seams on your existing counter.

At Stone Clone, customer satisfaction is on the top of our mind. Perfection is not always attainable, but we are willing to do whatever we can for the best customer service and experience.

Kitchen counter before resurfacing
Old damaged counter resurfaced in granite coating.