Kitchen Countertop Resurfacing & Refinishing

Countertop refinishing involves much preparation. There are 6 processes that take place in resurfacing a kitchen. Considering the preparation and installation processes, there are another 5-6 phases involved. Without one of these processes being completed, resurfacing would not be up to the professional standards of Stone Clone.

The 5 processes involved in countertop finishing are the In-House Estimate, Customer Preparation, Installer Preparation, Installation, Clean Up, and Customer Review. Each of these Processes will be looked at in closer detail.

In-House Estimate (Quotation)

This process starts with the client getting in touch with a Stone Clone representative. In this conversation, we cover any general questions the customer has and go through some of the details about their expectations. Resurfacing is not for everyone, as some people have different needs and wants. After going over the details, we schedule a date for the in-house quotation.

Arriving on the correct date and time, the Stone Clone representative will go through color and texture options with the customer as well as scope out the countertop and see if it is adequate for resurfacing. The representative will measure out the countertop and look for any scratches, chips, seams, and excessive water damage. Small water damage is okay as it can be saved, sealed, and protected. But, any surface that does not have structural integrity will not be resurfaced. The structural integrity of the surface is not covered under the Stone Clone 5 Year Warranty, so it is important that the customer knows that the countertop is structurally sound and installed properly.

After measuring the countertop, the representative will go over pricing. Smooth multi color finishes are the most expensive, then the stone multi color finishes, while the solid color smooth finish is the cheapest option. It is important that the client has a good idea of what color scheme and texture he/she wants before the representative comes by. Our representatives can give their opinion, but they are not interior designers or home stagers. So, if color scheme is very important, it would be advised to consult an interior designer or stager before meeting with a Stone Clone representative.

After the client has picked a color, texture, and understands the pricing, the representative will schedule an installation date with the customer as well as take a 50% deposit for materials, other fees, and solidifying the installation date in the calendar.