What is it?

Countertop resurfacing is a cost-effective way of turning an old or dated looking countertop and making it look new, unique, and vibrant again. The product we use is a high quality, commercial-grade spray application. Countertop refinishing costs less than countertop replacement, has a fast install time, and creates far less of a mess. We provide many colors to choose from and smooth or textured finishes that can be completed to create a unique and personalized feel. We can go over laminate, corian, granite, or even tile countertops, basically any solid surface counter can be done. If your countertop is damaged, we can fix scratches, chips, lifting seams, holes, and even slight water damage. The only thing we won’t fix is a countertop that is not structurally sound, such is the case with excessive water damage. Once applied, countertop seams will be hidden and chips, scratches, and burns will be gone.

The Product:

The basecoat is a 2-part aerospace epoxy primer which can grip onto almost any solid surface. Then, we apply a water base multi-stone color which adds the flecked look. This second coat is optional depending on the job. Third is the top coat, which is an ultra durable urethane coating which protects the surface. Once applied, the full coating provides heat resistance of up to 500F degrees, scratch resistance, and is a waterproof material. This material can be applied with a textured stone finish or with a smooth gloss look depending on personal preference. The smooth surface requires more labor and material so it’s a bit more expensive.

The Process:

Preparing the surfaces and masking takes the most amount of time and has to be carefully done. Bad preparation will lead to overspray or an undesirable finished product. The first thing we do is mask the entire area or room and cover anywhere where overspray may occur. We also fill any seams, cracks, chips, or scratches, and then we scrape and sand down the whole area. Next, we clean down the entire surface using abrasive cleaners. After cleaning we spray the primer, then the multi color fleck coating, and, at last, the clear coat. After all of this, we carefully remove all of the masking and silicone if, and where, needed.

In some situations, silicon may be installed the next day. There is very little smell during installation if the installer vents out the room properly. After the installation, the smell can last for about 48 hours or so depending on ventilation (similar to if you paint the walls in a room). The surface can be used gently 24 hours after installation and regular use may continue 72 hours after installation.

Countertop Refinishing Pros and Cons


  • Protects the existing countertop surfaces from wear and tear: water damage, scratches, burns, mold, and any other damages.
  • Eco-friendly renovation solution reduces waste thrown into the landfills.
  • Quick turn-around time: Once a quote has been done, colors can be shipped in within 5 business days and then installed usually within one day. That’s just over one week from the quotation date! If we have the color in stock, it’s even faster. Solid white is usually always in stock.
  • Cost effective solution saving you more money than typical countertop replacements, yes even cheaper than getting new laminate countertops installed.
  • 5-year warranty offered with all installations. The warranty includes adhesion of the resurfacing product and any defects of the resurfacing product itself with normal use of the surface. The warranty does not include the structural integrity of the surface it is being applied to or the silicone application.
  • Many colors are available and colors can be quite customizable.

Please talk with an installer for more info on countertop resurfacing. Textured options are also available with the multi-fleck coating. Any solid colors can be chosen and color matching can be done as well using our color samples.


  • We mask off the entire area, so the area cannot be used until the installation is completed. The surface also cannot be used for 24 hours after the installation has taken place. Only light use is recommended until 72 hours has passed after the installation.
  • There is some smell, which can last for approximately 48 hours. If you are sensitive to smells, please take this into consideration.
  • Minimum job amount is $325.00 plus taxes.
  • Vinyl or flexible surfaces are not recommended to be resurfaced. The product is designed to be installed on solid surfaces. We do not resurface toilets or bidets.