There are many options for bathroom resurfacing which will save you money on renovation costs and ensure that your bathroom stand outs. In this article, we will talk about what resurfacing is, resurfacing options, and the benefits to resurfacing your bathroom.

Bathroom Resurfacing Options

Resurfacing is a cost effective renovation solution to upgrading your bathroom. Essentially, an industrial grade coating gets installed over the existing surfaces providing durability, scratch and heat resistance, while enhancing the bathroom’s aesthetics. This material is very versatile and can be used in many bathroom applications.

Bathtub Resurfacing

Resurfacing bathtubs is probably the most common service in the resurfacing industry. There are many companies that specialize in bathtub resurfacing alone. Bathtub resurfacing has many benefits, but let’s talk about bathtub replacement first. Now a bathtub itself can cost about the same or more than resurfacing costs, which makes some people sway towards getting a new bathtub installed rather than resurfacing it.

But, here is where the tricky part is. Bathtub installation is messy, costly, labor intensive, requires plumbing expertise, and has the chance of damaging surrounding tiles, which means hiring more tradesmen and buying new tiles. This can easily cost upwards of $1,500.00. Resurfacing gives you the benefit of getting a new looking tub in 1 day with no mess and at a lesser cost. Even chips, scratches, and cracks can be repaired; not to mention the warranty.

Wall Tiles

Resurfacing wall tiles in a bathroom has similar benefits to resurfacing a bathtub. It can be installed usually within 1 day, it makes the tiles look brand new again with a unique, custom look, and covers over grout for easy cleaning and maintenance. No more dirty grout lines! Even full shower stalls can be resurfaced making the tiles look brand new again. Again, chips, scratches, missing grout, can be filled, repaired, and resurfaced to look new again. Now, the surface is protected and easily maintainable with a great warranty.

Tile replacement can be expensive and messy. And, in a few years you still have the dirty grout lines staring at you. Then you need to use heavy cleaners or hire grout cleaning professionals to clean it every few years. With resurfacing, you skip the heavy maintenance and get on the fast track to practicality. The resurfacing product that we use is also waterproof, further preventing the common water damage issues in bathrooms.


Solid floors are another area of the bathroom that can be resurfaced. Most bathrooms have tiled floors, and some with dated or vibrant unwanted colors. Tiles crack as well, and grout lines get stained. Resurfacing prevents grout stains and revives the tile again. New colors can be introduced for a unique and customizable color scheme for the bathroom and cracks, scratches, or damage can be repaired before resurfacing. Make your bathroom look new again with a unique flare!

Now the only downfall with resurfacing floors is that in order to be done properly: radiators, toilets, and pedestal sinks may have to be removed unless they are able to be masked off. This does add to the cost and length of the job, but, when redoing the tiles, you would run into the same difficulty with more installation downtime and mess. Resurfacing is a cleaner solution, reduces landfill waste, is cheaper, and is faster in terms of installation.


Many people resurface their bathtubs and then realize that their sink is faded and doesn’t match the bathtub’s fresh new look. Resurfacing your bathroom sink can be done at the same time as a bathtub making the whole bathroom look uniform and beautiful. Many people overlook this, but it adds another level to the bathroom aesthetic. The unfortunate part is, it is costly if you do the sink alone, as there is usually a minimum cost when it comes to resurfacing jobs. But, if done at the same time as a bathtub or tile resurfacing, it reduces the customer’s cost. Sink resurfacing is a great addition to bathroom renovations and is usually cheaper than buying a new sink altogether.

Resurfacing Benefits

Reduced cost is usually the biggest reason people sway to resurfacing options, but there are many other benefits to resurfacing solutions in a bathroom:

  • A big reason is the protective qualities such as scratch resistance, heat resistance (up to 500F degrees), and waterproofing which are a few of the benefits that come along with resurfacing.
  • Faster and easier cleaning is another perk when clients are looking to choose resurfacing over replacement.
    Quick installation and turn around time encourage certain customers to lean towards resurfacing because with 1 day installation, customers are able to feel more comfortable with getting back to using their home fully again faster.
  • Some jobs are able to be done within a week from the initial quote, which is another huge benefit on time conscious customers, but it is always recommended to plan in advance to avoid scheduling buildup.
  • There is the eco-friendly factor. Resurfacing reduces landfill waste dramatically by reusing instead of throwing away leaving more space in landfills.

Bathrooms and kitchens are the most expensive rooms in a home to renovate. Resurfacing reduces those renovation costs dramatically. Spending over $10,000 is easy when renovating your bathroom, and, when you’re budget conscious, getting over the $5000 mark is almost unavoidable. But, a completely resurfaced bathroom can reduce these costs dramatically keeping the money in your wallet for other needed expenses. Completely customizing the theme of your bathroom can then be done at a fraction of the cost of replacement renovations.