Amazing Results at a Fraction of the Cost of Replacement

Eco-friendly coatings, applied directly to your existing Countertop, Bathroom Vanity, Wall Tiles, Ceramic Floor Tiles or Bathtub

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Imagine Enjoying the Look, Feel and Durability of Granite in Only 3-4 Hours

Our coating is the hardest material on the market.

It’s scratch and stain proof, resistant to chips and can endure extreme heat temperatures.

How we do it

Countertop Resurfacing & Refinishing

“My family and friends came over and were amazed at the countertops in the kitchen! They thought I spent thousands of dollars on renovations! Once I told them about your service, they couldn’t stop raving about it!”

J. Ronald

“After the installation was finished, I was blown away at how fast the install was and the price was incredibly low! I would have spent 10 times the price and time going with granite and would be stuck with coating it every year. Brilliant!”

D. Salsbury

Counters and Backsplashes

Don’t replace! Repair and resurface! Acquire beauty, durability, in far less time, hassle-free and with huge savings.

Showers, Tubs and Surrounds

Make dullness, scratches, stains, or just an ugly color disappear with our durable finishes. Our coatings are scratch and stain proof, resistant to chips, and super easy to clean.

Floor and Wall Tiles

Just 4 hours to a beautiful new surface. No ripping out old tiles. No dirty grout lines to clean. Makes Maintenance Simple!

Charcoal Granite

Cliff Rock

Granite – Venetian Tan

Stone – Buckskin

“Both our kitchen and bathroom countertops look fabulous, we are very pleased with the finished product, it truly looks like granite. We were so impressed with your work and friendliness. You were so professional, but still took the time to explain things to us.”

W. Siurna

“Rather than go with an expensive bathroom re-fit, we saved a fortune on our bathtub and vanity resurface. Now we can afford to go on a vacation cruise.”

S. Hampton

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